Holroyd High School, 2015 recipient of 2015 Grant

The 2015 JST, $10,000 grant went to Holroyd High School’s Refugee Girls’ Program.

At Holroyd High, 87% of students are from non-English speaking backgrounds.  Almost 60 per cent of students have been in Australia less than 7 years; 60% are refugees, many of whom have had disrupted or little schooling before arriving here.

Despite these statistics, 54% of last year’s HSC students received first round university offers. (The national average is 30%; the average for low SES schools is 15%.) These achievements are made possible by the determination & hard work of the students and by the special support programs set up by the school.

The 2015 JST grant is enabling girls to access digital technologies they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise; is supporting the mentoring of girls to raise expectations and provide role models; and providing additional tutorial time to support the girls’ learning, needed to grapple with the senior curriculum in a second language.

Friends of Zainab details the impact that Holroyd High School has had on Zainab Kaabi.

Holroyd High School’s used the Grant to provide laptops to students of the Refugee Program. Below are images of the students with their new laptops.

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