“I work behind a bar at a nightclub and my co-worker keeps patting me on my bum. I feel uncomfortable but don’t know if this is sexual harrassment”


SEE HEAR SPEAK is a campaign to challenge sexual harassment at work.

Sexual harassment is not acceptable.

The Jessie Street Trust decided to run a campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment when we heard some of the findings of Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick’s listening tour around Australia in 2008. We were shocked to hear that young women who experience sexual harassment don’t know their rights and think that “maybe that’s just the way the workplace is”.

Sexual harassment still disproportionately affects women in Australia, with 1 in 5 experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace throughout their career. This number is far too high. It’s time to speak out against sexual harassment.

The SEE HEAR SPEAK campaign is starting the conversation.

Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick launched the campaign at Sydney University’s Verge Gallery on Thursday 22nd March 2012. See Facebook for launch details.

For more information on sexual harassment see HREOC.

Campaign Artwork by UTS HiLight Team